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The clients, when purchasing or ordering the furniture always ask a question: "What kind of guarantee can you offer for your products? Our response will always be in the form of question: "What exploitation conditions can you offer for you furniture?"
Thus, choosing the product, it is necessary to assess all factors that affect its exploitation.
We cannot offer serious guarantees for furniture that is made of massive wood and is kept in the apartment having no additional ventilation and a damping unit, as well as having no possibility to autonomously regulate heat supply because quite often temperature fluctuations in different seasons exceed 60%. Not all kind of wood can stand this trial. Before the montage and supply of products it is important to know what conditions are envisaged for our products. Therefore, before formalization of orders we carefully examine conditions and situation. We inform the client about furniture care and exploitation conditions already upon signing the agreement with our undertaking.

If all instructions are observed the furniture you have chosen will delight you for many years. We will always kindly listen to your inquiries and provide answers to the questions about furniture care or restoration, but concrete guarantees are individually provided to every product taking into account the materials used and exploitation conditions.